5 Great Digital Marketing Quotes to Inspire and Motivate

By June 25, 2020News

In the world of digital marketing, inspiration is incredibly powerful. It can influence, motivate or help to create something that surpasses ordinary expectations. At IDM, we help people to up-skill, retrain and kick-start their digital marketing career. If you are looking for the best digital marketing course in California, we have a range of accredited courses taught by industry experts. We understand that even the best digital marketers need a little inspiration every now and then. Here are some astute words of wisdom from some of the biggest industry leaders that might help to motivate and inspire your digital marketing strategies into the future.

“The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.”

Tom Fishburne, Founder of Marketoonist.

In today’s digital marketing landscape, modern consumers are incredibly savvy. They know that marketing is everywhere, influencing all aspects of daily life from activities, purchases and choices. While much of it is obvious, the best marketing is invisible, meaning that the average person probably doesn’t even realize it when they see it. Branding and marketing that consumers can identify is essential for businesses to succeed, however it is also important to find ways where marketing is a natural conversation and not always an intrusion.

“Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.”

Wendy Piersall, Author, Blogger and Artist

Google loves content and SEO, and as such, ranks your website content based on the actions of others. A business cannot expect to be at the top of search rankings with a nice website and a few keywords. The more consumers read, share and engage with your content will make sure Google rewards you with a higher ranking, ultimately placing your business above your competitors.

“Stop selling. Start helping.”

Zig Ziglar, Author and Motivational Speaker

When we focus on selling, we’re thinking about ourselves. We need to take a step back from our own needs, and focus on meeting the needs of our customers. Consumers are real people with real feelings, and when we focus on helping them, we blow the competition out of the water. A focus on helping our customers develops trust and builds deeper relationships and in turn, they’ll help you without you even trying.  They will want to buy from you because you listen and care about their needs, and you are right there when they are ready to buy. 

“Content Marketing is a commitment, not a campaign.”

Jon Buscall

Content marketing can easily provide a target audience information about products or services. Therefore, content marketing is an on-going process of providing relevant and valuable content that will help improve the lives of target customers. It is not a one-time campaign that will be abandoned, it’s an ongoing commitment. Products can be sold and bought, but when you start providing information, that’s when your customers start to remember you.

“A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is – it is what consumers tell each other it is.”

Scott Cook

If a business is to succeed in the modern world of digital media, this is a lesson that must be absorbed by every marketer. Nowhere is the power of consumer opinion or word-of-mouth marketing more evident than social media. Social media gives customers a huge platform to share their experiences, both positive and negative, with brands they have used in the past, and other consumers listen to these opinions. Studies have shown that word-of-mouth marketing can generate on average twice the number of sales than paid advertising.

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