Syllabus Advisory Council

The Syllabus Advisory Council is the industry based working group which defines and validates Digital Marketing Institute syllabus content. The Council contributes to the development of internationally recognised standards supporting digital marketing education by ensuring the consistency of our industry-led training and certification programs.

Council Members


How The Council Works

Syllabus Validation

SAC_1The Council supports syllabus content by preserving its technical accuracy, clarity and continued relevance. The Council also ensures a program syllabus is supported by a sufficient number of case studies and resources. The purpose of the Syllabus Advisory Council is to assess the syllabus for Digital Marketing Institute programs and provide recommendation.

Job Profiles

SAC_2The Syllabus Advisory Council provides input into digital marketing job role requirements by helping to scope the knowledge, skill and competencies required to build the global digital economy.

Council Achievements

In 2013, the Syllabus Advisory Council successfully validated content for Syllabus V.4.0 of the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing. The Council also collaborated with the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) on the third version of their European e-Competence Framework (e-CF). The e-CF provides a common language to describe the skills and knowledge requirements of ICT professionals, professions and organisations. The third version of the e-CF was the first to include digital marketing within the framework, which supports key policy objectives of the Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs.

With the help of the Syllabus Advisory Council, we had taught the latest iterations of the industry’s leading digital products and trends to over 8,000 professionals by the end of 2014. By December 2016, graduate numbers will increase to over 20,000 marketers. We now have education partners in over 60 countries across the globe delivering our Syllabus Advisory Council validated courses. The Council’s involvement will ensure the latest global digital updates and advancements always remain part of our syllabus.

Digital Marketing Institute comments:

The Digital Marketing Institute is the world’s leader in the field of digital marketing and operates the world’s most recognised and trusted training and certification programmes in digital.  All programmes are mapped to the European Qualifications Framework.

The Digital Marketing Institute is bridging the divide between traditional academia and industry demands by setting the standard in digital education to provide alumni with demonstrable competencies which are highly relevant and sought after in the workforce today.

Through our industry based Syllabus Advisory Council and Subject Matter Experts, who are all practitioners in the field, our programmes are collaboratively designed and directly aligned with industry needs.  This year, for the first time, digital competencies will be included on the European Competency Framework. The Syllabus Advisory Council members provide input into role definitions for the emergent digital economy, and also promote the digital agenda for skills development to stimulate job growth.

Certification confirms competency – this is of paramount importance for individuals and employers who are the ultimate arbiter of skills.  Competency enables performance and enhances opportunities.  Achieving certification demonstrates professional development, commitment and motivation all of which are essential and desirable traits and are the differentiators in hiring choices.

Brought to life by our dynamic partners and their lecturers, the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing continues to help individuals, companies and academic institutions to develop talented, knowledgeable and valuable workforces serving digital needs across a diverse array of local and international organisations and companies.